Monday, 24 June 2013


Tayler has been practicing her riding alot lately.
She has been invited to participate in the Bridge Lake Rodeo PeeWee Barrel Racing. So everyday we spend an hour or so riding and going though the barrels at a walk and jog. She is trying to get the hang of neck reining and just staying on. So far shes doing really good!

Our little "Neigh"bour

Heres our little neighbour again, growing like a weed!
For now his name is "Little Bud"

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Decked Out

Spice decked out and ready for a ride - as you can tell shes so excited about it ! HAHAHAHA

Moving the cabin

In May we were invited to our little friend Rivers 4th birthday - lots of people came out to celebrate with her. After presents and cake, it was decided all the dads were going to move the cabin. 

Jason built this cute little cabin over the winter, in a covered area, knowing that it would have to be moved come spring. So today was the day!  
It took two trucks to move it - one hooked to the other

Rounding a very sharp corner towards the field below the house

Whoa that was close one! Had to do some tree trimming through here to get the cabin all the  way through to the field

Yay we did it! With only minor damage!
Happy Birthday River! What a great party! 

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Oh this would be fun!

The boys have been saving their money for quite some time now - they keep changing theirs minds about what they want to buy - here is another item on the list! 

Ohh So Cute!

Tayler and I saw this doe and her twin fawns this morning on the way to work

We have to be careful right now as the does are really protective of their babies - naturally! 
I was going out to feed the chickens and Spice the other morning with Shayleigh by my side and there was a doe 20 feet from the door. Shayleigh caught sight of her and dashed after her, when all of a sudden the doe turned on Shayleigh and attacked her - I was screaming at them and finally threw a bucket at the deer and scared her away but she did not go very far, we kept her in sight the whole time we were out just in case she came back to try Shayleigh again!
Cured Shayleigh of chasing deer for now!