Saturday, 14 June 2014

Random Pictures

My new hair - I have learn how to use a straightening iron!
Threw off everyone at work - It was so funny!!

Friday, 13 June 2014

Playground build

For the past year and a half our little school has been fundraising for a new playground.
The day has finally come! 
The kids and parents were so excited!
We had a huge turnout of staff, community members and groups and parents come out to build our new playground. 
It was alot of fun! 
Truck delivering our playground to the front doors of the school

Unloading piece by piece

First part going up 

Hard to imagine this is organized with everyone there, but it was great 

Using my head 

Little kid portion - it was fun because it was built to look crooked. Some of the guys were trying to straighten before the supervisor guy finally came over and said it was built this way!

Roping off for the night 

Some of the crew 

The next day - I came after work so I missed out on the morning building but this is how it looked when I arrived - amazing !

Almost done 

Digging holes for cement 

Leveling - okay everyone LIFT!

Done waiting for the cement and gravel 
It looks amazing! So much better than the old wooden structure that we had before. There are still a few things to put in - tire swing and put the original swings back.
The kids are so excited! They love it! 
Its nice to have a new playground in the community for the summer and many years to come for young and old.


On May Long weekend we decided to go up to Barkerville for a Day trip.
The kids and I were up 2 years ago but Ed has been since Dylan and and Russ were toddlers.
It was a beautiful day for a drive. 
Highway into Barkerville - notice the snow 

Jack of Clubs Lake still frozen 

Holy snow drifts 

Snow between the buildings

I love walking down the plank sidewalks

My Boys 

Cornish Water Wheel 

One of the two guys teachng us about the Cornish waterwheel - he was hilarious the boys were laughing so hard 


The other guy - they put on a great skit 

Rivers down the main street 

My baby and I - what a face 

I think Russ and Dyl need this car! 

Happy Birthday

As many of you know - I just had my 40th birthday - holy crap how did that happen!?!!!
My wonderful Friend Beverly and sneaking husband threw me a surprise birthday party at the end of May, it was so great! Apparently this was a very hard task too, because I do things on a whim - such as go camping at the beginning of May, when she had planned my original surprise birthday party. Poor Bev had to phone guests to cancel their hotel reservations and replan for end of May. 
Well, she and Ed did a wonderful job!
My Dad, Grandma, friend Owen, and cousin Don came up from the coast to celebrate with me. Owen stayed with us for almost a week fixing up our power system and setting up our solar panels. What I didn't realize at the time was that he was also up for my birthday installing three more panels - a birthday present from him, Rick and Jo and Marg and Ted. He was quietly laughing at me for not noticing there was three more panels and never did tell me until we arrived at Bevs Saturday evening for my birthday! 

I absolutely LOVE my new solar panels!
 We have so much electricity now, I don't have to worry about the power going out (like when I had a shower a couple months ago in the dark because the power was out) or when I do laundry, vacuum floors and the biggest bonus of all - now I can look for a fridge! Yes we have lived out of a cooler (ice box) for 5 years!
I can't thank everyone enough for making this year a wonderful one! 
Unfortunatly I have NO pictures at my party I will ask Bev to see if she can send them to me and you too can see my surprized look!

Owen and I 

Ready for placing 

While Owen was up we put in a new strawberry patch

So beautiful!