Monday, 21 October 2013

Taylers new Baby

Here is Buck - our newest addition to DRT Springs. 
Hes a little old man - 28 years old - just needing a loving home and companion horse for company.
Tayler loves him to bits any time she can she brushes him, and we have started working with him on halter - Buck lets Tayler catch him without too much trouble, but with me he keeps just out of reach for quite awhile before he gives up and lets me put the halter on.
Yesterday Tayler rode him bareback for the first time, he was so good, he listening to her the whole time, while I led him around.
We have had a few troubles with him that we didn't have with Spice. He does not like to be confined to a corral, so far he has broken both of the corral gates, and pushed over a fence. Dylan has rebuilt one of the two gates the other needs a long pole to fix it, but I think in the process I will pound some posts in the ground too.
But despite his quirks we still love him.