Friday, 28 February 2014

Quick trip to Sidney

Over the Family Day long weekend I took Dylan and Tayler to visit my Grandma in Sidney. (Russ had a nasty cold so he stayed home to keep Ed company). We were going to hang out, visit and enjoy the warmer temperatures.(when we left it was minus 40 in Gateway). On the ferry over we ran into Brad and Amy and the kids, coming back from Vancouver - what a great surprise so we visited for an hour and a half! We have tentatively planned a dinner for spring when we come down for birthdays!  

 Turns out Family Day long weekend in Sidney is Lego Days - how perfect is that! My kids LOVE Lego!And it was the Fire Departments 100th anniversary too!
Vintage truck the kids could sit in and hook the horn 

Star Wars Lego 

London Bridge Lego 

More and 

and more 

and more Lego 

 There was Lego Sculptures all over town in Shop windows and Cafes the bakery even had a cake covered in marzipan lego blocks and people
Erin and her boys trying out the truck!

We had hot chocolate with my friend Erin and her boys at the Red Brick - Hot choclate with choclate whip cream and pink and red sprinkles

At the Firehall they were building a 6 foot long Firetruck

Cool sculpture in the park on the water 

This seal was so excited to see us down by the docks but so disappointed when we had nothing for him 

Another sculpture I love this one!

My sweet friend Erin came out to spend the afternoon with us 

On Monday Jo, Gisela and the girls came to see us too! Little Tilia is super adorable and Linnea had a great time with Dylan and Tayler. She hardly ever sees them but loves to play around with them!and She loves Lego too!
Dylan and Linnea building a crazy looking truck 

Tayler helping out 
We had a wonderful time with Grandma, she put up with us for three days and fed us way too much. Unfortunately I never took any pictures with Grandma in them - how bad is that! oh dear - I will have to do that this spring! 

Now theres desperation!

Last Monday I decided to repaint my kitchen floor. The last layer of paint had lots of chips in it and it was looking too worn. So, since the kids were at school and Ed had to go on a delivery Monday was the perfect day to do it.

By the time the kids came home the floor was still tacky (keep in mind the temp outside was minus 5 or so, and there is no insulation under the floor to the garage)

After getting after them a few times about not stepping on the floor, I relaxed and all was well until Dylan wanted cookies. Being that his arms were not long enough he devised a plan to get them. 

It worked, he was so happy and has kept his pole just in case it happens again! 

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Winter Ride

Tay and I took the horses for a ride a couple weekend ago to a friends house for a visit.
It was an absolutely beautiful day a bit cold but warmer than other days. we chatted all the way there and back, she loved it and so did I. First time in a long time I have a riding partner again. 
I lead her on Buck while we were on the road but once we got to the driveway I tied the lead rope to her saddle and she rode by herself she was so happy and very proud of herself!    

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Hauling Hay Kelly Style!

We store our hay out at the shops, nowhere near the corrals. Last year I built a rickety little shelter to store 15 bales at the end of Spices corral. The only problem is it ONLY holds 15 bales so when I run out, I have to go get more. Earlier this winter I was bringing one bale at a time using the wheel barrel until I devised this plan - works like a charm! This way I can move 7 bales at a time! Way less walking!
Did I tell you how much I LOVE MY CAR!!! My little work horse!

Monday, 24 February 2014

Frosty Trees

I love the clear days of winter with the sun shining, beautiful blue skies and frosty trees

This is my favorite tree, its in the field at the end of our driveway. 

Obviously its colder up top! Haha