Sunday, 26 May 2013

Quiet evening

I love going out and hanging out around the fire in the evenings. It was a bit noisy with Ed running the rototiller but it was exciting at the same time because now I can plant the garden. 
Dylan as sine rototilled it two more times - he really enjoys it !

Soccer with Shayleigh 

Ahh a warm fire 

Construction on the coop

For the past few weeks I have been trying to build a new run for our new chickens. Last winter the snow collasped the original run into a mangled mess of chicken wire and broken boards.
Our neighbour in front of us has a huge run for his chickens that is SUPER sturdy and solid, so I have taken his advice and I am in the process of building a run like theirs.

Below Dylan is wiring the poles on the top, the kids have been a real big help through the whole thing. Considering construction is not my thing, it has turned out pretty good! and fairly sturdy!   

This past week I have put chicken wire around the outside and even made a door. Now I have to tackle the other side of the coop and hopefully this will keep the chickens confined to the run instead of all over the yard and in the garden eating my vegetables! 

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Rodeo Action

Last Sunday Tay and I headed to town for the Rodeo and some girl time. It was really nice we went out for lunch and went shopping for a little friends birthday present before going to watch the Rodeo.

When we got there the stands were very full! but we found a seat at the bottom to take in the action. After a few minutes I got a tap on my shoulder and my cousins from Clearwater were also there watching the action, so we joined them for a while and visited a bit between competitors. 
Young kids cow riding! EKKK!
 These kids are so tough - a couple took some pretty hard hits on the ground and jumped up and carried on - good thing I didn't bring the boys! They don't need any ideas!

Very fast Barrel Racer! 
The Ladies Barrel Racing was so fast - it was crazy! After the ladies, the Junior Barrel Racers ran the barrels and then the PeeWees - these little kids were so small - younger than Tayler I'm sure! But CUTE!
Very young barrel racer

Team Roping -our friend and his horse Rooster in the fore ground
After the main rodeo we went back to visit my friends horse Rooster while we waited for the slack event to start. Tayler became good friends with Rooster and even was able to ride him - her smiles were huge!! 
Tayler feeding Rooster - they become super friends! Grass helps so much!

Aaron leading Tayler - the smiles on Tayler were huge!
It was such a fun day, lots of visiting and hanging out around horses what could be better!!!

Friday, 17 May 2013

New Bling!

I finally used my new bridle I bought down in Arizona! Holy did that take a while! 
It is super blingy! and so pretty, and was a great price!!! $65 for the bridle and breast collar super deal!!!

 Doesn't Spicey look awesome! 
I took these pictures at 9pm last night after riding her back from the big field so the light is not good, but she looks sooooo pretty

stop flashing the camera! 

Hopefully this weekend we will get out and try on the breast collar too! 
Tay and I are going to go to the rodeo this weekend to watch a friend in the Team roping Competition - this will be our first time attending the 100 Mile Rodeo! 
Should be tons of fun!

Happy Happy Long Weekend!   

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Churn Creek

Last weekend Tay, Russ, Shayleigh and I drove out to Churn Creek on the Fraser River. Ed is still crazy busy with his work so he wanted to keep working on his contracts.
I was very nervous about going out to Churn Creek alone because it is 82 kms out a dirt road and I had never been there before so I was worried about getting lost.

Dylan was out there camping with his best friend Mike and his family and grandparents. On Friday I had pretty much convinced myself I wasn't going, when Marianne (Mikes Grandma) dropped by my work with a very detailed map on how to get out there. So after much thinking I decided to go so we packed up saturday morning went to work and after work headed out, well am I ever glad I did - it was the most beautiful drive. 
We had a get time!   
Churn Creek bridge - about 7 years old previous one was wood and swayed as you drove across it. This one was bad enough it was not paved it was a grate so if you stopped (which I didn't) you could see the river, through the grate below

Having fun in the creek 

Tayler Gold panning 

Dylan tries his hand 

Russ found this cool rock - looked like a fossil
No words needed!

The Gang Ranch Barn  and wagon out front

Store and post office on the Ranch - so cool - it wasn't open when we were there, but Dylan went back the next day and said it was really neat and was befriended by a 3 yr old cowboy with a huge cowboy hat, boots that were too big and a Lightning McQueen shirt - so cute! 

View above one of the three irrigation reservoirs on the ranch 

Burying Dylan and Mike in the sand - oh man were they dirty when they got home!

Bighorn sheep on the hills across from where we were camped 

Our new little "Niegh"bour

Is he not the CUTEST little guy!! 
Dylan wants to buy him! 
These pictures were taken at the beginning of April and he was just a couple days old. We past by the field him and his mom are in everyday on the way to school and he is growing so fast !