Sunday, 12 January 2014

Christmas Trains

Dylan and Russ love model trains. This year they took their trains and made a little track in front of the little houses we have out at Christmas and spent hours driving them back and forth through the village.

Christmas Day

Christmas flew by in a blur but it was good. We stayed home this year, it was so quiet and lazy! Ed fell asleep in the afternoon and the kids and I watched movies and played on their new IPods all day. It was a PJ Day!  I was so lazy I forgot to take the turkey out early enough for dinner, so we had another breakfast at dinner time! We had a turkey lunch on Boxing Day!
 I lost my camera before Christmas (with my keys that I haven't found yet!) so I only have a couple pictures
Russ opening his tackle box and tackle

Taylers gift from her friend Cora -
Cora is a beautiful artist, she paints lovely pictures and shes only 9 years old 

Yay iPods! so great!  

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Christmas Eve

I worked the morning of Christmas Eve so it was pretty crazy! This year we hosted Christmas Eve with Jay and Bev and the girls. I made a huge Lasagna on Sunday before and and lots of snacks for the evening! 
Before dark the kids took their 22s out and shot targets set up in the yard. I had made up colored water in spray bottles to draw pictures in the snow! Tayler River and Cora loved that! River had two and she was coloring everything it was hilarious! After Dark Ed made a huge bonfire and the kids went sledding and we drank Wassail and ate snacks by the fire.
After dinner we had a craft for the kids to do and watched movies, it was so fun! 

Mosaics in the snow

Sledding fun 

I made them wear glow in the dark necklaces because you couldn't see who was coming up or down the hill- they were not impressed, apparently it funner to take each other out by surprise

Starting the bonfire 

Huge bonfire! 

Tay eating way to many candies making her snowman and tree

What do you mean I have to put them on the tree - I want to eat them! 

We had to Lay Tays down it wouldn't stand up! 
We had so much fun! Every year I look forward to Christmas Eve almost more than Christmas! 


This is a long time coming! 
Ed and Tay and I went up to Williams Lake in early December to pick up a snowsuit for Tay, stock up with groceries and find a coat for Ed, for working in the shop.
As we were driving home through Lac La Hache - this was the sunset I really wanted to stop and watch it but there was not where to stop safely! 
I love how it turned the hill Pink!
Tay was in the back pointing at the Pink Mountain!