Saturday, 27 April 2013

Girl Power

Over the past month I have been wanting to get my studded winter tires off and get the summers back on, and after May 1 you get a fine for having studded tires on. So, I pulled out the summers a couple weeks ago, I went to local tire place and tried to make an appointment but it was first come first serve - okay but now I have to take them to town. Maybe Ed will do it if they are out - no too busy working (this is his busiest season!) So I decided if I start early in the evening if I run into trouble Ed is a around and he could help me. So I found all my tools and did it myself - I was so happy. I haven't changed a tire in - well I'm not sure how long! Tayler came over and said hey Mom what are you doing? Oh can I help? ABSOLUTELY!!!

Yay we did it!!! 
Go Mommy and Tayler!

Spring morning

So happy Spring is finally here - the snow is all gone - yippy, the mud has almost all dried up - even bigger yippy!
Spice has been shedding for a couple weeks not - her hair is everywhere - but her roan colour is coming out so beautifully 
This morning as I fed her the kittens came out to help - they are so frisky in the morning - its so cute! Oh how I love Spring ! 
My baby - oh how I love her! 

Tiger on a mission
Helpful kittens

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Crazy Start

This week is the Festival of the Arts in 100 Mile House. Schools and individuals participate in many different categories from Music to Acting, Readers Theatre (reading the script on stage) to Reciting Poetry. My kids have never been fond of doing this because its on stage and in front of quite a few people. 

Yesterday I went to Taylers performance - it was so cute. Kindergarten to grade 3 two poems one really short the other quite long. They did the long one first - I love reading Books. Little Cameron (kindergartner) was hilarious - WAY louder that the other kids and very animated, Tayler yawned right in the middle of the poem (and she was centre stage). Kathleen yawned also. They were not completely in sync and some couldn't remember the verse they were on. BUT cute - it was adorable and so innocent. It was great!

This morning Dylan and Russells class had their performances. To start the morning neither one was in a hurry to get out of bed, so started the hysterical Mommy! Then Dylan decided he wasn't going - keep in mind he has a major roll and has been just fine up until now. They were both supposed to wear black pants no holes  (good luck) and white shirts (once again good luck!!) I ran around this morning sewed in a waist band for Russell and found a decent shirt, I found Dylan a pair of black rugby pants (2 sizes too big but a belt will work and a T-shirt that could be turned around. So far all is good, but now Dylan hates his pants and will NOT wear them. So, after asking 4 times and doing alot of reasoning in between the yelling, we finally got to the school. I explained about how they felt (especially Dylan as there were many tears) and left Mrs.T to try reason with Dylan.

Well whatever she did it worked, both performances were awesome - all the kids (including mine) spoke clear and loud, and looked up from their scripts as they were talking - they did amazing! I think this calls for a treat after dinner and alot of hugs for the hysterically Mommy behavior.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Playground Fundraising

At the beginning of this school year the Forest Grove CPAC (I am the treasurer) made a decision to start fundraising for a new playground for the children of the school and community of Forest Grove. 
We had all the children at the school (30 kids) draw pictures of what they wanted to see in the new playground, we put it all together in one single play structure, and added a small play structure for toddlers. After applying to a couple different playground suppliers we settled on Henderson Recreational Equipment. The price of the structure we decided on was a whopping $38000! OUCH - BUT!!! Since then we have had bottle drives, Chocolate sales, winter concert raffle, 50/50 draw and a huge Spaghetti dinner and auction at the local legion and recently a coin drive at the school. In 8 months with the support of the Forest Grove community, as well as a couple small grants we have raised $ 19700! I am so blown away by the support we have had for this project - Keep in mind we are a small rural school of 30 children! 

In the recent coin drive - the principal set up a challenge for the kids. If they collected 150 lbs or more of coins he would wear a dress for a day! Well he should have set the bar much higher - they collected a whopping 226lbs in coins amounting to $1274!
What a guy!! Playground pictures in the background! 

We have now put a challenge out to the community of 100 Mile House to raise 226lbs of coins or more and our principal will wear a dress for a day again. I was listening to the radio yesterday and they were talking about our fundraiser and how it would be great to get the Mayor of 100 Mile House join our principal at the school in a dress as well. To our surprise the mayor has agreed to participate as well!

I wanted to share this with you because we are so excited about how far we have come in recent months towards our goal! 
Wish us luck in our continued fundraising efforts - we are hoping we can install this playground next spring!    

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Arizona Part 6

This is the last post of Arizona.

Last couple days driving home - so much to see - one day the kids counted Tractor-Trailers Dylan was so excited he counted 2400 trucks 
The landscape changed so much between the four states we went through - there was always something different to see

Shasta Lake in Northern California

Mount Shasta covered in a thick layer of clouds - figures!

I thought this sign was funny 
A table top Mountain in the distance.

Well thats it - we had the most wonderful time! Dylan has already told Grandpa we are coming back next Spring - I hope you enjoyed the pictures!

Arizona part 5

Are you tired of it yet?
Theres more to go but most of these are taken out of the truck window zooming down the interstate!
The first day we drove from Gold Canyon (where Dad was staying) to Bakerfields California about 9 hours driving - the kids did really good on the whole trip up. The argued a few times everyday (tight spaces will do that to them) but for the most part they did good.

Deserts of Arizona  - Miles and miles and miles of it! 

A couple hours later - tell me how is this comfortable! -  right after I took this I adjusted her sweat shirt so her nose was not crammed into the seatbelt

Colorado River 
California State Line 

Mojave Desert

Yay - we made it to Bakersfield. We stayed in a campsite full of  Orange trees. When we checked out they gave us a bag of  Oranges - they were so good!  

Soccer with Oranges 

Orange Blossoms 

Arizona part 4

Friday we went to Mesa Market - it was HUGE!!!! The kids hated every minute of it but I had so much fun - 4 huge building of merchants selling EVERYTHING!!! After the third building we decided to head out as the kids were complaining like crazy! (I kept telling them you signed up when you wanted to come so tough it out!) what a mean Mom!

New pool at the RV Park - we didn't try this one out but it was gorgeous! 

Gelato at the Olive Oil making Place - I can't remember the name of it now!  I bought Chocolate infused Olive oil and roasted garlic - YUMMY!!!! 
 I never took any pictures at the Market as there was too many people and I was forever counting heads of children! The Pictures wouldn't have done any justice anyway - if you go Phoenix you have to go to the Mesa Market and experience it for yourself - so much fun! 

Saturday Dad was packing up and organizing the trailer for the road home so I took the kids to Silly Mountain to hike up to the top - it was Beautiful!
Dylan leading the pack up Silly Mountain (yes that is the name of it!)

Tay and Russ just before our first of three wipe outs on pointy rocks - none bad just bruised knees  

Lots of little lizards 

Mom - check this out! 

Whoa look at the view! 

At the top! Yay we made it ! 

The view was amazing - 360 degrees - this is looking towards Phoenix

I love this picture - hes so cute 

I took this to prove it was called Silly Mountain! too funny ! 

Arizona Part 3

Festival of the West was on while we were there, we had to check that out! We drove out to Scottsdale to Westworld - huge Exhibition Grounds.

We were all amazed at the items in the merchant mall - guns, clothing, furniture, saddlery, books, magazines toys, food, different resorts it was huge! 

Outside so many more things to see - teepees, chuckwagons, trick roper, petting zoo, music, a play troop more and more. We spent most of the day there!  

Old guns for sale - I had trouble getting the boys away from here

You buy a ticket to win this saddle - estimated value - between $65,000 and $100,000 depending on the price of silver  - WOW! 

Train ride to the lower fields - Russ said to me Mom its just a tractor you know! So cute ! 

We talked to the lady that brought these teepees, she was really interesting - she takes them in the mountains around Prescott AZ and camps with guests and friends

Chuck wagons - these guys and gals were making lunch over open fires 

Arizona Gunfighters a play troop - the put on a couple gun fights 

Dad and I had Trail Stew and Biscuits from this chuckwagon - it was SOOOOOOOOOOO good I had two helpings! 

So many people dressed up - this guy was interesting he was telling this lady all about his hat and outfit 

Dylan was riding Dads bike around the RV park and came back in a rush for the camera and captured this sun set

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Spring Break Vacation Part 2

Our second day in Arizona we went out to a little Ghost Town called Goldfield. Lots of shops to buy stuff - good thing too, as the kids had money burning a hole in their pockets!

We also headed to BassPro shops to have a look around - it was amazing so many animals to look at and games for the kids, fish tanks with huge cat fish and many other kinds of fish, bridges, guns and toys. 

For dinner, We met up with friends of my Dads at Fillys restaurant for wing night - it was great! 
Superstition Mountain

Checking out Goldfield

Centre piece of the town 
Check out the gold mine anyone? We passed on it, but lots of people were panning for gold and lots of old machines to look at. 

We passed this on the side of the road in Mesa - front yard lawn ornament! It was so pretty! 

We passed this guy heading out into the desert on our way to Fillys restaurant for an early dinner. At the back of the outdoor restaurant were rows of hitching posts to tie your horse while you were eating. When we were there, 6 or 8 horses were tied up patiently waiting for their riders to finish.   

Spring Break Vacation Part 1

This year over Spring Break I took the kids and headed for warmer weather - Arizona! 

We met up with My Dad who has spent the last 3 months down there enjoying the sun and heat - sure beats the heck out of snow and minus temperatures!

We had a fabulous time, even though the kids took colds with them and were not feeling the greatest for the first part of our vacation. They toughed it out and made the best of it!

I took Soooooooooooooooooo many pictures its crazy so I thought I could show them in parts - I hope you enjoy them! 

Hanging at the trailer the day we arrived, kids were tired but excited about going in the pool

Sun Baby - she was ready for the pool - would you believe she had a fever  in the morning before we got on the flight


Desert Scenery - it was so beautiful.
Arizona had lots of rain between January and March - its not normally this green

Garden in the park where Dad was staying