Thursday, 6 March 2014

OK - I am pretty much done with the snow

REALLY??!!!??? More snow - I would love to see blue sky , warmer temperatures and maybe a bit of green grass!
We got more snow yesterday and last night about another 6 or 7 inches!

Driveway this morning

Neighbours horses hanging out in the snow

Bates Rd

Canim Hendrix Rd. This is the road out to Forest Grove a plow hadn't touched this road yet, and when the logging trucks go by you can't see the road for a few seconds ( a bit scary) 

HWY 97 North 

Hwy 97 South 

100 mile house - I know what you are thinking - Where is 100 Mile in this picture?
Okay I'm done venting now 
Have a great Day!!!
Oh and yes I was taking pictures while I was driving ;-)