Tuesday, 21 October 2014

More random pictures

Ed bugging Spice 

Making Applesauce

They ate so much Applesauce too! 



Isn't it beautiful!!!

Monday, 20 October 2014

Fletcher Lake

Hunting and fishing out at Fletcher lake in the Chilcotin. All three boys had a ball - The fishing was great! Russ was the fisherman - he catch at least three everytime he went out. Dylan was not to be bested by his brother and catch just as many. Tay and I caught one - it was quite a feat for the two of us. In the morning all the guys went out for some Grouse hunting - they did so well we had a huge feast before coming home again! 
Such a great time lots of visiting! 

Redneck Regatta

Second annual Redneck Regatta ato Ruth Lake In August
This year Ed joined our Friend down the road and they entered in the race. Jeremiah really wanted Russ to join too but he didn't want to participate but we went to cheer them on. They came in last BUT they didn't sink and that is the object of the race.  

Russ and Jeremiah on the raft

Water ballon catapult to hit a toilet out on the lake 

Always lots of spectators to cheer the teams on 

Around the barge trying not to get hit with the fire hose

Tayler and Jeremiah having fun with the raft after the race

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Trip to Victoria

We made a couple trips to Victoria. This one was in July we did lots of visiting and having fun. 

Park bench at Glenlake Park dedicated in Memory to My Auntie Leona

Glenlake so different from when I was a kid! 

Fun with Friends 

View of Vitoria from Triangle mountain 

Evening walk around the top of Triangle Mountain 

Walking through John Dean park while waiting for my car to be fixed. Kids love walking forest trails!


The kids and I went to Sorrento again this summer to visit Erin - this has become a tradition. We had a great time hanging out visiting and swimming. It was soooooooooo hot though 38 degrees so the lake was sooo nice.
We went across the hwy to have ice cream, we drank lots of tea, played at the playground visited and enjoyed super yummy meals.


Tayler and I attended a couple Rodeos through the summer - This one is up at Bridge Lake, Last year she rode in Peewee Barrels but this year we were just spectators. It was fun, a couple friends were there too, so Tay got to ride Rooster again (she loves Rooster) 
We also went to the Interlakes Rodeo it was fun too but crazy hot! 

The red shirts are some of the girls in the 100 Mile House Drill Team - I was asked to join the Drill Team but I have no wheels for Spice and right now it would be too much maybe in a couple years

Tay riding Rooster across the arena

Saturday, 18 October 2014

We had Babies in June and July

We had some new babies - 3 in June and 4 in July - they were adorable!

The kids had so much fun with them. They all made it through their childhood and have become very pretty hens and 2 handsome roosters.

April Science fair

I'm sure everyone knows by now but just in case - Dylan went to Kamloops to the Regional Science Fair and Thompson Rivers University with his Project called STUCK
He compared the strength of Tuck Tape and Duct Tape. He received a Gold at the School fair, Broze at the Regional Fair and Bronze again at the Regional Science Fair - I was very proud MaMa.

Over 150 projects it was so crowded