Thursday, 19 December 2013

Saddling up to find a tree for friends

Dylan and I took the horses to the back of the property to get a little tree for our friends.
where we found the tree the snow was up to my knees.
Spice and Buck had no problem walking through it but I can't imagine it would have been easy for us.
When we found the tree Spice dragged it big too - so much easier! 

Our little buck getting saddled

Spice waiting her turn 

Getting comfy

Off we go. It was so nice! Dylan LOVED it especially because he could ride Buck with no lead lines.

Winter Sunrise

In real life the sky was much pinker! 
and you can see the amount of snow we have! 

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Yay Ornament Swappin'

Couldn't believe it when I went to the mail box a couple days ago and here was a parcel from Micaela my ornament swap partner!
 HOLY Cow that was fast!

Thank you so Much Miceala! 
The ornaments are beautiful and as you can see they made it in one piece. The kids love Rudolph I know he will have a special place on our tree. And the Pine cones will be hung high out of reach! 
Thank you again and have a wonderful Christmas! 

Alright WHO Ordered this?

Wow thats chilly - came to work in my snowsuit! 
The Timmys Tea was WAY bigger this morning! 

Our House. Notice the Radio above the display is still warming up! 

5 Kilometers away!
How is that possible!
Its cold!