Saturday, 28 September 2013

More Summer fun!

This summer the kids all went down to the coast to hang out.
Tayler stayed one night with GG and then off Matt and Leannes to spend time with Hayley and Jessie. 
The boys headed to Pender Island to go sailing with Marg and Ted. They all had such a great time! Boys had so many stories of sailing and exploring Russell and Portland Islands, but the high light was drifting through a pod of Orcas on their way home, how cool is that!
Grandpa and the boys

Exploring beaches

I think this is an Orca fin

Tayler had such a great time too, apparently her and Jessie were inseparable the entire time. They went to a ceramics place in Victoria and painted animals - Taylers just arrived in the mail from Auntie. But mostly just hung out and had fun together  - none of them wanted to come home - can you blame them! 
I think this will become a tradition every year! Wink wink nudge nudge!

Monday, 23 September 2013

Fletcher Lake

Last Weekend we went to visit Dad at Fletcher Lake in the Chilcotin. He was up hunting with friends, so I took the kids up for a few days. They had a great time!
8 Grouse what a great morning of hunting with Grandpa and Doug 

Maureen suiting up Dylan to go fishing - Tayler was Maureens shadow most of the weekend

Greg and Dylan out to catch the big one!

Tayler helping Maureen prep the grouse for Grouse Fricassee for dinner
 We had a huge dinner with Tayler and Maurrens Grouse Fricassee and green salad, seafood pasta from the neighbour up the campsite, steak from us, Corn on the cob and coleslaw from Doug and Marg, it was sooooo yummy and we were able to have dinner outside JUST before the rain started.
Russells turn to catch another BIG one

Proud fisherman - braved the rain and a few claps of thunder to get this guy

Greg helping Russ 
 Monday morning we headed out for hunting and sightseeing. Not much game but beautiful scenery!

Farwell Canyon even beautiful in the rain and fog 

Old homestead right on a bend in the river

Can you imagine finding this place in the middle of nowhere 100 years ago and saying this is it ! And then winter would come - wow brave people! 

How many kms to where - just a minute let me check...

Community hall at Big Creek 

Need to make a phone call just drive a little further and you find...

a phone booth!
It was a fun weekend, we will be back next year! 

Honey anyone

A couple weeks ago we were invited to a friends house to watch them extract honey from their honeybees. It was so interesting.
Their hives in a protected area on their property.
They had to put an electric fence around it to keep the bears out 

The bees become more active during this process

Combs full of honey

Taste testing


Ms.T helping Tayler take the wax caps off the comb

The Extractor held 4 boards and you cranked a handle to spin it.
The honey all collected in the bottom

Dylans turn 


As Will called it - Liquid Gold! and soo yummy - we were lucky enough to be given a jar and it was gone in two days it was so good.
May be a new project in the future.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Redneck Regatta

In August the Community of Forest Grove held the Redneck Regatta at Ruth Lake. The 5 teams had to build a boat in a designated amount of time and float them around a barge and be the first back on shore to ring the bell on the beach. Auntie Kathy and I took the kids out to watch the first annual race - it was hilarious! and so much fun on a hot afternoon!
Here is one of the contestants - they were called all in the Family - the men had overalls and straw hats on - at the back there was a bucket with a toilet seat on it - it was so funny!

Here are the Groovey Grovers styrofoam and empty water jugs

This one won - styrofoam, cardboard, a plastic cover and lots of duct tape

Auntie Kathy enjoying the water with Tay and Russ

Another entry built with empty milk jugs and netting to keep it all together

The barge they had to go around - once the race started and the contestants were almost to the barge  the guys on the barge turned the firehose on them it was hilarious 

And they are off!

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Auntie Kathy Russ and his friend Jeremiah

Tayler giving Natalie a huge hug! 
It was a fun afternoon visiting with everyone and cooling off in the lake. Can't wait to see the entries next year!


Tayler was given a new Bike by her friend Jeremiah and she has spent most of the summer riding everywhere on it 

Tayler and Spice - so cute!