Thursday, 29 May 2014

Here is the New Playground at Forest Grove School! 
After 2 yrs of fundraising and lots of Community help the kids finally have a new playground - so exciting ! 
I will post some building pictures too - It was alot of fun building it! 
This picture was taken by my wonderful photography friend Corrie!

Sunday, 18 May 2014

More Churn Creek Adventures

 VanOschs were out at Churn Creek this year with Dylan, again, so of course we can't let Dylan have all the fun so we joined them for 2 days.
We left 100 Mile House on Saturday afternoon in the snow and arrived to Churn Creek, with temperatures of +8 and cloudy - WAY better than snow!
This year Ed came with us to see what all the fuss was about. On the drive out couple of spots that were a bit questionable for the car but as usual it carried on through, with no problems.
We arrived around dinner time got the beds set up and visited for the rest of the evening

The next day after a huge breakfast, Dylan and Mike took all of us up a hill to see the view. The climb didn't look so bad from the campsite, but the first three hundred feet up I thought I might die! By the time we were at the top we had climbed 1000 feet - the view was worth it in the end  
Climbing the first three hundred feet almost straight up!

Tayler wanted to go so bad, but when we got half way up she announced she was going back and not coming with us. Her and I sat here for about ten minutes before I could finally convince her to keep going. She was so scared, she figured on the way down she was going to fall and die - poor kid. She did make it to the top - yay!

View of our campsite from half way up

Dylan was across a little valley on another point

Tayler keeping hold of Daddy

Deer footprints

View from the top 

The climb down - all fours is better!

Walter and the Rescue truck so we didn't have to walk all the way back 
That afternoon we drove out to Empire Valley and had a picnic snack by a little creek. It was so pretty the road winds along through the hills way above the Fraser River. We saw a bear running through some trees and alot of deer.
Calving barn on the drive out to Empire Valley. This is another spot you can camp. On Monday afternoon before we left for home a couple trucks hauling horse trailers were headed towards this barn. We figured they were going for a ride in the back country - HOW FUN WOULD THAT BE!!! 
Monday morning we took Ed out to the Gang Ranch to have a look around. The store was open this time so everyone got a souvenir (I have a Gang Ranch Travel Mug ;-) )
This mom and babe were in the field beside the store 

It was a really fun weekend! 
Russ was with us, but obviously was successful in dodging any photos!

Hay fields to come

Ed and the boys have been working hard clearing trees to start the hay fields. We have had the use of an excavator for the last few months so Ed pops the trees out and the boys pull them to a massive pile.
And of course the boys are having a wonderful time on the machines!

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Road trip in the big truck!

Easter long weekend I drove down in one of Big Country Storages freight trucks to pick up some stuff from Dad!
Russ and Tay and I had fun pretending to be truck drivers! 
We had a good, but quick, visit Dad, Matt and the girls and GG, then headed home again. We got spoiled with chocolate snacks all the way home! 

On the ferry!

Snows almost gone - motorcycle party

Mid April the snow was gone enough to ride up tot eh big field and back - so we invited Jay and Bev and the girls and their motorcycles for a bonfire and riding. It was so fun!
Bev and I visited while everyone else rode but it was so nice to see happy bike riders, even Tayler had a go, but has decided at this point, to stick with horses!

Friday, 16 May 2014

Mud Season

Thank goodness Mud Season only lasts about 4 weeks 

Warmer days melting snow and lots of puddles! Gotta love it! 
These areas are all green and beautiful now but they were mucky and gross about a month and a bit ago! 

Calves are out means that Spring is Here - Yay!

Of course these cuties are much bigger now, but aren't they so adorable!
And the run with their little tails straight up in the air - its hilarious!