Wednesday, 27 November 2013

First Snow 2013

The first snow of the season came on November 2 - it had snowed all night and the next morning I left for work on my summer tires and drove very carefully to work in a winter wonderland.
Thankfully Ed brought my winters in later that morning and I changed them for the drive home - felt much better driving on them than the summers!
Taylers snow angel 

I don't think Spice and Buck are too impressed 

Tiger braving the snow

I was very happy it came after Halloween, the last few years have been very chilly for trick or treating but this year it was quite mild. We had a miner and a cowgirl this year. Dylan decided he was to old for trick or treating, so he reluctantly walked house to house with us. He tried to stay home but we wouldn't let him - good thing too as we were way later than we thought. The fire department put on another great fireworks show for the community. Ed is a volunteer firefighter so he was out in the field helping set up the fireworks. We thought it was pretty cool that Dad was out there.  We also got to see him for the first time in his turnout gear!

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

More house improvements
Eds parents came and stayed with us over Thanksgiving and helped Ed get more things done on the house.
They sided all three dormers - they look so amazing! 
We poured concrete in the basement to cover the last dirt floor in the house.
And he finished flat decking his truck - a project he said took WAAAAY too long! But it looks great, better than the ratty old box - I'm sure little pieces fell off it every time he drove somewhere. 

Siding in the beautiful weather! 
Don't they look wonderful!

Spice- making sure Dylan is using the palm sander properly - it was so noisy too
 We were all invited to the neighbours for Thanksgiving dinner, it was soooooooooo good and filling. After dinner the kids and I went out to the bonfire - they were doing tricks with nails - how do you balance 8 - 2 nails on the head of one?
Heres your answer: 

The talent! 

Saturday Morning - Nov 23

Holy where does the time go!!!
Over a month since any posts from DRT Springs - WHAT!!
Here are a few posts to let you know what is going on up here! 

This morning I am bundled up (at least three layers) and staying warm beside a cup of tea 
I love the sleigh picture on the cups now! 

Oh, so hard to get out of a nice toasty bed to rush off to work - especially with the temperature outside!