Monday, 22 July 2013

Family Visit

Last weekend we had Chris and Chris, Evelyn and Tim, and Eds parents up for a visit. We had a blast but as usual it was WAY too short!
I took a whooping 4 pictures 3 of which are here! ARGH! oh well we were having way too much fun!  
The kids were so excited to see their cousins (5 years since the last visit) Tayler was stuck like glue to Evelyn - they read many books, and went for walks hand in hand - it was so cute! 
Evelyn feeding carrots to Spice - Spice just loving the attention!

Chris and Ed were at the shop almost the entire three days - working on machines planing wood, milling lumber. One evening they came in on the tractor both of them COVERED in dirt smiling from ear to ear - it was hilarious! 
We have the best time together and we live so far apart - Well its our turn now - Can't wait to see them again!


Yesterday was a busy busy day and very warm. Russ and Tay and I spent part of the afternoon on the pback porch finishing the decking. I cut and placed and Russell enthusiastically hammered in nails! Tay helped nail and move the boards with me. It seems sooooo much bigger now!
Now we are building a little table for cool refreshing drinks and yummy snacks!

Last night Ed was baling hay for a friend of ours, so the kids and I went out to see how it was going and to take him snacks and lots of water! Russ and I loaded our truck with hay and stooked 240 bales. Tayler was running around with their son Cole (in her class) riding the 4 wheeler and playing video games! It was so cute BUT of course I did not have my camera!!!Argh! It was a fun day but we were all dog tired at 11pm when we got home - hello cozy bed - FLOP! 

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Our Little Barrel Racer

Tayler was in her first Rodeo this past long weekend at Bridge Lake.
We had do much fun. We met up with my friend Frankie and enjoyed the whole day.
Tayler was so excited to be able to ride Huckleberry in the PeeWee Barrels and of course her mommy was too! Her smile never left her face all day! 
Waiting for her turn - she was second out
heading for the first barrel

Rounding the second barrel - Frankie leading her

My friend Nicole on the buckskin horse racing out for steer daubing

Frankie in the middle steer daubing - she won 4th place yay!
What a great day - I think we may have the rodeo bug!